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“What would you attempt to do, if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”

Most important things to know about The Very Hungry Traveler are as follows:

First, my name is Molly and I love food, every single part of it. Sharing a meal with someone, the relationship built, the time spent from preparation to the dishes afterwards, it all transfers into the rest of life and understanding how we all exist together.  Growing up, food was always a way to show love, which is probably why I choose it as my medium for sharing travel and cultures with others. Second, I am a self-proclaimed optimistic realist.  I am well aware that the world is not all sunshine and daisies. But just as there are dark nights, the sun comes up the next day and the world still spins. If we are destined to spend only a finite amount of time on this planet, we might as well spend it focused on plastering every surface with goodness.  I love good people, I love love, and I love laughter with the same importance as food, water, and air.  Finally it is more important to me to put goodness into the world, than any amount of money, success or recognition.  Case in point, I would rather spend my short, unknown amount of time on this earth, exploring and fostering understanding.

These are facts that make up The Very Hungry Traveler. But if you read that and think, I want to be friends with this girl, read on. Because I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND TOO!

“Hey Uncle Billy, do you know what the three most exciting sounds in the world are?” “Sure, breakfast is served, lunch is served, dinner is-” “No, no, no.  anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles.” – George Bailey and Uncle Billy, It’s a Wonderful Life

I believe there are three kinds of people in the world. People who love their jobs and hometowns, and would be crushed to ever have to leave, people who are happy with their lives, but every now and again like to add some excitement and plan a great adventure. And finally, those that live their lives to experience the world. The latter live under the idea that money will work itself out, and that travel is as essential as air or water. All of these people are vitally important to make the world work, without one the other two could not survive.  

I happen to fall into that last group and I assume that if you have found this blog you might be a bit like me as well.  I see travel as a method of understanding and experiencing other cultures. So many young Americans will never leave the country, some will never leave their state or hometowns. If all we know of the world is what is in our own bubbles, how can we even attempt to interact with anyone or anything outside of that?

My mission is to open the world of culture, language, understanding, and beauty through something as daily and basic as sharing a meal, and aid people in understanding how to travel, respectfully experience culture, and become citizens of the world on any budget or time frame.”

Traveling can pressure the perspectives we hold, and maybe that change can start a chain of small reactions. If I can help someone shift their perspective and open up a discourse or education about the world, my mission will be complete.

So I invite you along. If you now want to know more about who I am and where I come from, check out Meet the Very Hungry Traveler. Looking for tips and information about specific destinations or parts of travel? Check out my Travel Guides. Have a new destination for me? Let’s be friends! Write to me and add it to my bucket list, I personally respond to all comments and emails, so please stay in touch with me and let’s start a conversation about travel and the world around us. Wondering where in the world I am now?  Check out The Daily Special.  Finally, let’s be friends! Find @TheVeryHungryTraveler on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter .  Please introduce yourself on Snapchat (@AHungry Traveler). I want to know your stories and share a meal.

Stay Hungry Friends…

-The Very Hungry Traveler