All You Need Is Food, Friends, and Thanksgiving

    Following the sounds of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas being sung off key, the kitchen door of the UNISG Gastronomic Society swung open to reveal my Thanksgiving counterpart buzzing around nursing three pots, an oven, and a cutting board with a half-chopped onion.  Greeted by a wall of smells of turkey … More All You Need Is Food, Friends, and Thanksgiving

Need a Bit of Air

              My planner (and life) is currently full of things I need to do; preparations for Thanksgiving dinner Thursday, the seven papers to write before I leave, lists of what is to be packed or stay in storage, skype meetings with potential internships and random sticky notes of projects to complete, friends to meet up … More Need a Bit of Air

Chill Out China

*No photos because my camera was full and I couldn’t connect to wifi to clear it on the cloud 😦 .*             22 hours. That’s all the time we had in China on our way to India.  Leaving from Japan, I was off with my friend, Rifka, on the next grand adventure to see her … More Chill Out China